Personal Philanthropy

Socially Responsible Investing maximizes your Impact

Our Donor Advised Funds (DAF) provide a flexible, tax efficient vehicle to maximize donors’ charitable interests.  Triskeles Foundation works closely with donors to effectively implement their philanthropic intentions. The donor advised funds are professionally managed and emphasize an innovative, customized, socially responsible investment focus. We target positive, long-term financial returns through impact investing yielding environmental and social benefits.

A donor advised fund is a flexible charitable giving vehicle that enables a donor to maximize the tax benefits associated with giving while supporting non-profit initiatives. A donor opens a donor advised fund with Triskeles by signing a simple agreement and sending an initial deposit, at which time, the tax advantages are realized (to the donor). The donor recommends (to Triskeles) gifts to be granted to their favorite charities, thus supporting the creation of a better world.


Your Caring Legacy: Creating Social Change

You have an opportunity to make a real difference and create a better tomorrow. Philanthropy (the love or wisdom of humanity) means more than writing a check. By creating a donor advised fund (DAF) in the Triskeles Foundation, you can ensure that your personal values and motivations are aligned with the invested resources and are put to use in ways that accomplish your charitable, tax and financial goals.

Our Donor Services Help You ‘Walk the Talk’

  • Expertise: Triskeles provides expertise regarding socially responsible/sustainable charitable and investment options as well as specific projects and programs that make a significant, human, social, ecological, economic, and educational difference. Our staff and related advisor have decades of experience with innovative philanthropic processes, activities and gift deployment.
  • Relationship Builder: The Triskeles Foundation offers a breadth of connections, worldwide, to potential funding partners and to people that, in meaningful ways, build communities and enhance responsibility for the earth’s resources.
  • Commitment: Triskeles is committed to philanthropy and the conscious application of investment money to improve society.
  • Flexibility: Triskeles Foundation staff will work closely with donors to fulfill charitable intentions

Why do I need a Triskeles Donor Advised Fund?

The Triskeles Foundation’s staff and board have years of non-profit and financial management experience. Our selected investment professionals/firms are highly knowledgeable about philanthropy and about the sustainable, impact investment field

  • You may have considered establishing a private foundation, but it is much cheaper and more efficient to set up and operate a donor advised fund
  • You have received an inheritance or other financial windfall and want to make gifts over time, but need a current, year-end tax deduction
  • You want to teach family members about giving over time, using a practical, flexible tool
  • You wish to be actively engaged in social change philanthropy

What is the Triskeles Difference?

  • Low fees/costs
  • Low minimum deposit to establish a fund
  • Sustainable/socially responsible investment approach
  • Very personal, flexible service: for individuals; socially/philanthropically oriented businesses; non-profits (endowment/reserve fund management)
  • Experience and capacity for national and international giving opportunities.

What Do I Receive from the Triskeles Foundation?

Gifts to the Triskeles Foundation can be made at any time throughout the donor’s life to provide funds for current and long-term needs, projects and activities. By establishing a fund with the Triskeles Foundation, you receive: 

  • Permanence: Your gift to the community or your organization(s) of choice is given in perpetuity. The Triskeles Foundation’s trusteeship ensures that your contribution will continually meet needs relevant to your interests.
  • Commemoration/Naming: Your name or a name that reflects your intentions or something of meaning can live on through your fund. You choose your fund’s name. Grants are made using this name or donors may opt for anonymity in their giving.
  • Innovative Stewardship: The Triskeles Foundation is committed to aligning its investment strategy with your donor values and mission and offers an innovative, socially responsible, diversified investment approach to donors. The foundation makes a full accounting to donors through a variety of reports, its audit, and IRS Form 990.
  • Grant Making Expertise: The Triskeles Foundation can assist you in identifying qualified charitable organizations and programs that address your particular interest within the frame of its mission.
  • Educational and Community Building Opportunities: Donors can participate in a variety of workshops, colloquia, and conferences.
  • Future Planned Gifts: The Triskeles Foundation works with you to articulate your wishes for a gift that would come to us after your lifetime. We accept most planned giving vehicles.

 Setting up a Fund

The Triskeles Foundation provides you with a simple, effective way to maximize your giving and increase your tax savings.  Click here for Forms.

What it is:

A Triskeles donor advised fund (DAF) provides you with a flexible philanthropic tool. Your gift into a DAF will be invested in socially responsible, sustainable methods. After careful review and approval, requested grants can be made, based on your recommendations, to charitable organizations.

  • Minimum: $5,000 minimum to establish a DAF. Smaller initial fund amounts can be discussed if the fund is for youth giving.
  • No required annual payout
  • Anonymity, if required
  • Ease of grant making and administration
  • No startup costs
  • No excise taxes
  • Deductible up to 50% of adjusted gross income vs. 30% for a private foundation
  • Easily make additional gifts to the fund
  • No estate taxes
  • No capital gains taxes

How it works:

You make the donation to the Triskeles Foundation to set up the fund; you take the tax deduction, you fill out a simple donor advised fund agreement form and you can recommend grants any time after the fund, and at least minimum balances, have been established. This eliminates the year-end pressure to select a charity and make a donation or you can build up the fund and make larger gifts at a later time when you wish. You don’t have any of the administrative responsibilities such as annual IRS filings and taxes.

Open an account:

Establishing a charitable DAF at the Triskeles Foundation is easy and can be done in a couple of simple steps.

* Some exceptions can be made regarding minimum account size. Once these steps are complete, you can recommend a grant(s).


  • 1% per annum on the first $3,000,000 of the fund’s net asset value
  • 0.75% per annum on a balance greater than $3,000,000 and less than $6,000,000 of the fund’s net asset value
  • 0.50% per annum on a balance greater than $6,000,000 of the fund’s net asset value
  • Low transaction fee for grant distributions


Tips on opening an account:

When you complete the Donor Advised Fund Agreement and the Purpose Agreement, keep these items in mind.

  • Donors: You (and/or others) may contribute to the fund repeatedly.
  • Name your account: You may want to name the account after your family or name the fund to reflect the account’s charitable goals. Examples: the David Jones Fund or the Children Read First Fund.
  • Designate your advisors: You may name someone (yourself or someone else) as advisor(s) and successor advisor(s) for your account. A successor, upon the death of all the original donors, may make contributions, recommend grants, and name successor advisors. A charity or Triskeles’ General Fund may be named as the account beneficiary if you want the remaining assets in the account granted to a charitable organization(s) upon the death of all original donors and/or advisors.
  • Choose your charitable area of interest: Please indicate any specific charitable activities / areas you may want to support over time on the form. If you or your fund’s successor advisor(s) so choose, the Triskeles Foundation’s Trustees will direct grants from the account.

 Ways to fund the account:

  • Cash can be wired, transferred from an existing account, or mailed to the Triskeles Foundation. Checks must be made payable to Triskeles Foundation with your fund’s name indicated in the memo section of the check.
  • Publicly traded stock, bonds and mutual funds can be transferred from an existing account with any financial institution.
  • Deferred contributions, such as naming the account as the beneficiary of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, or a qualified retirement plan, can also be used.
  • You will receive a confirmation once your contribution has been accepted along with a tax receipt for your records. If a contribution is not accepted, it will be returned to your original account. For contributions of appreciated publicly traded securities, the Triskeles Foundation’s receipt will be a good faith estimate of the fair market value on the date of the contribution.

In certain circumstances, the Triskeles Foundation may accept restricted, closely held or non-publicly traded securities. If the contribution involves restricted stock or other non-publicly traded securities, please contact your investment professional and the Triskeles Foundation’s staff for assistance. After you make your contribution, all gift recommendations must be reviewed and approved through the Triskeles Foundation.

 Grant facts:

  • Anonymous giving: Donors can designate that a grant be anonymous or be given in the name of another individual.
  • Allocating grants: Funds will be divested from your account to support liquidity needs so as to maintain the current portfolio allocation.
  • Minimum grant amounts: Generally, the minimum grant amount is $50.
  • Number of grants: Donors may make unlimited grants from an account.


  • The Fund shall be held and administered, and distributions from the Fund shall be made, in accordance with such procedures for the administration and operation of similar funds of the Foundation as may be in effect from time to time, and shall, in all events, be subject to the Foundation’s ultimate control and absolute discretion.
  • No distribution shall be made from the Fund to satisfy a pledge or other commitment of the Donor or any other person with the right to advise the Foundation. No donor, advisor or relative(s) of a donor may benefit (directly or indirectly) from distributions from the Fund. No distributions shall be made to nor benefit (directly or indirectly) any individual. All distributions made to organizations require that the organizations receiving the distributions are tax exempt under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or if they are foreign, are the equivalent of such charitable organizations.
  • Any recipient of benefits from the Fund shall be advised that such benefits are from the Fund (unless otherwise so indicated).
  • Donors, advisors, and related parties are prohibited from receiving grants, loans, compensation or similar payments from Donor Advised Funds.
  • The Fund is intended to be a component part of the Foundation.
  • Charges/fees shall be assessed against the Fund as per the fee schedule and consistent with the charges assessed from time to time against similar funds of the Foundation. Foundation policies and fees are subject to change.

Approved charity guidelines:

  • Public nonprofits: Grants can be made to charitable organizations that are tax-exempt under the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) and are public charities under the IRS Code Section 509(a). The Triskeles Foundation makes gifts in the context of its mission and values.
  • Religious and educational: Some established religious organizations and educational institutions are not listed as IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofits but are nevertheless tax-exempt charitable organizations. The Triskeles Foundation will facilitate making grants to such organizations if consistent with Triskeles’ mission.
  • Foreign charitable organizations: The Triskeles Foundation can make grants to certain foreign charities. Additional fees will be charged to the account for any additional processing costs and due diligence.

Click here for Forms.