Our Impact

Since its inception, Triskeles has distributed millions of dollars to hundreds of non-profits. Our philosophy encourages our donors to develop their perspectives, engagement, grant-making and investing to match community needs.

Triskeles Impact at a Glance 

January 2003 to June 2016

Largest DAF to date is $1,300,000
Current largest DAF is $596,091
Current smallest DAF is $121
Largest current non-profit account is $2,769,684
Currently steward 16 accounts for non profits
Distributed $4,847,324 in grants since inception
Made non-profit account disbursements of $2,005,124 since inception
Made 820 gifts/grants from its funds
Largest gift made out of a DAF is $360,000
Smallest gift made out of a DAF is $23

Triskeles Beneficiaries January 2003 to June 2016 

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Triskeles Impact - Recipients

Grant Focus Areas 

The Triskeles Foundation seeks to encourage intentionality and engagement in individuals, in their communities, and in the world to serve the public good. We strive to enhance and support communities, sustainability, social justice, service, creativity and striving of the human spirit.


Agriculture and Sustainable Farming
Environmental and Ecological balance / education
Food and Food Programs
Resource Conservation
Water issues
Wildlife/Nature Preservation



Collaborative Philanthropy
Economic Justice
Human Services
LGBT Activities
Peace oriented Activities
Poverty Eradication
Public Health / Complementary Health
Social Action, Justice, Finance
Special Needs / Child Advocacy
Women and Girls’ Activities
Youth Programs


Contemplative Practice
Cultural Programs
Experiential Learning
Education - early childhood through adult
Holistic spiritual research and activities
Faith based activities
Skill, Leadership and Capacity Building

Our Projects

The Triskeles Foundation seeks to encourage intentionality and engagement in individuals, in their communities, and in the world to serve the public good.  


The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur

The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur project supports the writing, editing and philanthropic distribution of a book about empowering social justice careers by social entrepreneur Jonathan C. Lewis. An accompanying educational guide will facilitate use of the book in...

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8 Ways to Wellbeing

8 Ways to Wellbeing's  mission is not only to inform people, but also to inspire them by providing exemplars, to support them with multimedia materials and social media groups, and to empower them with effective behavior change strategies. The larger goal is to...

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Mrs. Green’s World Fund

Founded in 2008, the mission of Mrs. Green's World is to inform and engage individuals and businesses in the movement toward global sustainability. This planet is in grave danger – that’s the bad news. Good news? Together we can help open minds, awaken instincts and...

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Motivation Systems Ecology Fund

The Motivation Systems Ecology Fund supports the work of Bernard Lietaer and his colleagues as they develop concepts to transform our monetary systems specifically through the creation and development of more resilient monetary systems that support the sustainable and...

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Boundless Research Fund

The Boundless Research Fund enables exploration into and education about the latest research, analysis, and evidence of best practices in a growing number of impact investing sectors. Mission: The Boundless Research Fund will provide funding for further research into...

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Unleashing Generosity

Unleashing Generosity is a learning community that offers resources, coaching and inspiration for giving circles, donor networks, financial and philanthropic advisors, families and individuals. Unleashing Generosity can help accelerate your learning, increase your...

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