Corporate Giving

Partnering with Triskeles to efficiently manage your corporate philanthropic endeavors negates the need for a stand-alone corporate foundation. Triskeles streamlines your processes, reduces your administrative burdens and provides global reach to the socially responsible causes that have an impact on your organization. Working with Triskeles also impacts your own bottom line by reducing the costs to manage the legal and tax ramifications inherent in establishing a foundation.

Simplify Giving Campaigns

 Through a streamlined, customized approach, Triskeles will transform your values into an effective giving program:

  • Meet with Triskeles staff to identify your goals
  • Work with Triskeles staff to align corporate values with socially responsible practices
  • Complete the easy application
  • Consult with Triskeles to determine funding recommendations.

Triskeles  is nimble and innovative in its practice, providing a turnkey, mission sensitive approach to sustainable investments and other services. Setting up a fund takes only a few days and Triskeles professionals provide constant support and guidance to make sure changing needs are met.  Services can be tailored for specific corporate campaigns.  Triskeles staff and managers understand these particular needs (fund distributions and tracking among others) and are able to craft our services to match those requirements.  By partnering with your Investment Committee, Board and Senior Management we are able to design a plan with your team not just for them.

Opening a Fund at the Triskeles Foundation is easy and can be done in a couple of simple steps.

  • Establish the fund: Complete and sign the Donor Advised Fund Agreement Form and return it to us.
  • Fund the account: Make an initial irrevocable contribution of $5,000* or more. This contribution can consist of multiple assets and securities.

*Some exceptions can be made regarding minimum account size.


  • 1% per annum on the first $3,000,000 of each fund’s net asset value
  • 0.75% per annum on a balance greater than $3,000,000 and less than $6,000,000 of each fund’s net asset value
  • 0.50% per annum on a balance greater than $6,000,000 of each fund’s net asset value
  • Low transaction fee for grant distributions