About Us

Our Mission 

To co-create a conscious and sustainable world through engaged philanthropy.

 Our Vision 

Promote positive social change through engaged philanthropy. 

The Triskeles Foundation encourages and supports charitable giving through its innovative donor advised funds and other philanthropic services and education.  It offers a flexible investment strategy that emphasizes sustainability and impact with solid returns to donor and organizational funds.

Our Values

We aspire to promote:

Recognition of the Spiritual in the Practical: By practicing personal responsibility and conscious development, we are committed to an understanding that spirit and values can be intimately integrated into all initiatives and activities.

Innovation and Flexibility: We recognize that the rapid pace at which the world is changing demands new and innovative approaches to challenges. We strive to be flexible and creative in crafting achievable solutions.

Stewardship: We recognize a mandate to utilize and direct resources with wisdom, and we are committed to social health, fiscal, environmental and cultural sustainability.

Community Building and Collaboration: We are committed to creating lasting dynamic human exchanges and collaborative experiences that result in effective relationships, which engender alignments of interests for achieving mutual goals in communities that we serve.

Learning and Serving: We strive to listen to and continually learn from partners and unfolding events in order to be most effective in our service for and with others.


Granted Dollars

Our Thematic Interests

The Triskeles Foundation, through its programs and services, seeks to explore and express the following themes:

  • Building a positive future
  • Engaging individuals; enhancing community(ies)
  • Aligning money (philanthropic/investments) with deeper intentions
  • Thoughtful stewardship (vs. ownership).

Our Story

The Triskeles Foundation was founded in 2002 by Clemens Pietzner and a small group of colleague board members.

Three contemporary and ageless themes serve as the inspirational and motivational content for Triskeles’ programs and activities:

  1. Developing a positive future for all
  2. Engaging in and understanding the dynamic between our human individuality and our community(ies)
  3. Bringing consciousness to the deeper aspects of money, its nature, flow and how our intentions and motivations influence it

 From 2002-2009, the Triskeles (Greek for “three legs” or activity areas) Foundation developed its three program areas: philanthropic services (including Donor Advised Funds), experiential youth programs, and consulting/advisory services to support smaller not for profits.  In 2009, in order to further focus and streamline responsibilities, Triskeles realigned its activities into two separate not for profits: Triskeles Foundation—which continues to offer philanthropic and educational services and the Donor Advised Funds; and Triskeles Inc, which offers and develops experiential youth programs (currently ten programs in PA).