Triskeles Foundation


Triskeles Foundation strives to create a conscious and sustainable world through engaged philanthropy. We believe that aligning practice with purpose – at the individual level, in the community and on a global scale – is the way to achieve a positive future.

What We Offer

 We focus on: 

  • High touch, Customized Philanthropic Services
  • Impact/Sustainable Investing
  • Philanthropic Advice/Education.
  • Non-profit and Project Support.  

 Our Clients are:

  • Individuals who are charitable and/or need an immediate tax deduction, need flexibility and want efficient and sometimes anonymous deployment of gifts.
  • Non-Profits that have modest or growing reserve funds/endowments and wish to have those funds invested in a mission related manner.
  • Businesses that need a charitable structure from which to make gifts as part of their community engagement.

 The Triskeles Foundation provides philanthropic services to support a range of donor and partner intentions. These include a unique donor advised fund program, philanthropic advice/education and strategic partner support. Donor advised and partner funds are invested in impact, socially responsible/sustainable investments managed by carefully chosen investment professionals.  The Triskeles Donor Advised Fund provides a simple, powerful and highly personalized approach to giving.  When you donate to Triskeles to set up a fund, you receive an immediate income tax deduction.  Triskeles then matches, as possible, your Fund’s investments with your giving priorities.  You control the donation recommendations to the charities of your choice.

Our Services include:

  • Personal Philanthropy
  • Non Profit Services
  • Corporate Giving
  • Philanthropic Education.